Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Future of Learning 2013 Reflections

Day 1, Harvard Project Zero Plenary Sessions:

Learning has evolved. The decisions we make regarding learning represent our values. How can we evolve learning for all learners?

What is worth learning? Which understandings matter most in the lives learners are likely to live?

If every single student who left formal education having mastered at least one discipline, how would this understanding serve the child in the life he/she is most likely to live?

Expertise, information, achievement. How can we reimagine ed 2 personalize learning 4 the lives learners are most likely to live?

Nothing enters our brains without context.

Facing History In Ourselves:

Justin Riech:

Mary Helen Immordino Yang:

Todd Rose:

Emotions matter in learning. The environment affects emotions. Kids must make emotional connections to the learning goals.

Kids must emotionally understand the learning goals. If they do not, they may struggle.

Content represents lenses through which to view the world in which we live.