Friday, June 17, 2011

Part Foray into Reform

Here's Part Foray into Reform of my Call to Action Series:

I look forward to your responses.


  1. Who are you fighting for exactly sir? NOT my child and NOT the children of Clarkston or Michigan or the teachers. So who are you standing up for? I seen today that you called Oakland County Police out today to tell people from the Recall Rick Snyder campaign to leave the Pine Knob Elementary school parking lot, Why sir? School is out for summer and they were peaceful, I KNOW because I was the last signer there for the day and seen it happen. SHAME on YOU! How dare you claim to care about my child or any one else, if you cared you would have left them alone so they can help this STATE! You are a sad hypocrite and you can stop with all this b.s self promotion of yourself with your b.s blog and letters to everyone. SAVE IT! YOUR true colors were shown today! And also who has people come up to the school and take pictures of peoples license plates?, what did you need those for sir? Were you trying to intimidate someone? Or do you have other plans with that information? That is low down and underhanded and is cause for total distrust of you! How DARE YOU try and stop democracy, You are such a hypocrite!

  2. Justsayin':

    Our district policy requires groups to pay fees to use our facilities. I contacted this group in advance and let them know that they did not have permission.

    In the past, the district has asked the police to remove a group who was collecting signatures for the removal of a local politician.

    Regardless of what I believe personally, I'm required to apply district policies to all groups.

    I'm sorry to have disappointed you and I will continue to do all that I can to develop and sustain local control of schools. I hope that I'm doing the right things.

    Thanks again for sharing your opinion with me,
    Rod Rock

  3. That's a lie and you know it, nice try though. I can see you think throwing out lame excuses covers your butt on this, They were NOT using your facilities, they were 300 feet away from the building out by the PUBLIC sidewalk! Not using the school it self, the playground or any other "facility" You are on the wrong side of things period, and you are still nothing but a self serving hypocrite. If it was as simple as "Policy" why didn't you take you butt over there in person and politely give them permission then? No you sent the police, like a power hungry control freak that thought he needed to throw his position around. You don't give a damn about the teachers or the kids it's not like your union or anything, you just want to make sure you stay at the top when they come into Clarkston wanting to privatize the school district. People like you are what has gone wrong in this Country.